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Disc harrow – how to make the right choice. The advantages of using disc harrows BELINSKSELMASH

Disc harrow – how to make the right choice. The advantages of using disc harrows BELINSKSELMASH

Considering the technology of soil treatment, today the question remains: How to properly prepare the soil?? How to create the most favorable conditions for the growth and development of cultivated plants? What technique to choose and from what manufacturer? Today, many farmers in the preparation of the soil, considerable attention is paid to the choice of disk tools. 

At first glance it seems that all disc harrows are similar. However, let's look at them carefully, as every detail influences the quality of the work.
When we talk about tillage, we are faced with the choice of a suitable unit. The company "BELINSKSELMASH" is one of the best manufacturers of seeding and tillage equipment, stable demand on the Russian market, offers disc harrow 2-row and 4-row.

Disk harrow 2-row and 4 PALLADA-inline-ANTARES 

Series disk harrow PALLADA and ANTARES, the company BELINSKSELMASH was developed for resource-saving presowing tillage for sowing cereals, technical and fodder crops, destruction of weeds and chopping crop residues after harvesting sown crops, as well as chopping, leveling and compacting the soil after disking. Disk tools PALLADA ANTARES and intended for use on fields with large amount of crop residues in environments with soil moisture up to 27% for the PALLADA, and 40% for ANTARES

Design features

Each harrow disc is fixed on individual pole, which allows the harrow to work in the fields with lots of crop residues and weeds, eliminating the winding plant residues on the axis of the disk and clogging and ensures high maintainability of the unit.

Stand on all harrow models PALLADA and ANTARES are set individual grease fittings that prevent the ingress of dust and dirt into the bushing mounting, this eliminates the possibility of jamming during long operation and simplifies the configuration of the harrow to work.

Design of disc harrow ANTARES provides smooth adjustment of the angle of attack of each row of discs in the range from 0° to 30°, which allows to optimally adjust the harrow for different soil types.

A lot more important is the fact that the design of the frame uses high-strength pipe steels of the European, it is possible to reduce the weight of the frame construction and increase its strength and rigidity, and thus reduce the fuel consumption of a tractor, and this is very important. The reliability and durability of the tined weeder provides the use of hardware with the strength class 8.8. Thanks to the new hub design the cutting unit increased bearing service life by 60% and reduced maintenance time by 50%.

The diameter of the disc

Disc harrow models PALLADA 2400-01 and PALLADA 3200-01 are produced with a large diameter of discs – 660 mm, it allows to increase working speed and depth of tillage. While increasing the resource disks work 100% through the use of modern processing technology of steels with boron content and the optimum grinding angle. Compact design and location of drives ensure reliable penetration and a thorough mixing of crop residues.

It should be noted that series disk harrow PALLADA has been upgraded, namely the Planck adjustment of the angle of attack of the front row of disks on the harrows PALLADA , moved to the front of the frame, this greatly improved the permeability of the soil and crop residues between the disk and the frame, and eliminated the clogging harrows soil.

Rear rollers

The function of the rink is simple – levelling and compaction of the soil. The rear rollers on the disk harrows BELINSKSELMASH are characterized by precision performance and durability, provide the perfect result of mixing of plant residues with the soil, the necessary level grinding, leveling and compaction of the soil, as well as "combing" of weeds. Due to the peculiarities of the hub design extended service life from the rink 1000 ha and reduced time-to-service unit.

Be sure that the high quality of the metal used on the harrows BELINSKSELMASH provide longer service life without additional expenses for replacement. Easy to maintain disc harrow from the company BELINSKSELMASH, will become Your indispensable assistant.

In the market of tillage equipment of the Russian Federation, first you can see that all the discs from different manufacturers - the same, and it seems that the difference between them only in the diameter of the discs. But let's not forget that it's all in the details. Each seemingly insignificant detail of a design affects the quality of the work. When choosing equipment, choose the one that is best suited for conditions on Your field, to optimally perform tasks.

The sowing and tillage machinery from the company BELINSKSELMASH at Your service! Still have questions?! Call our managers.

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