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The products manufactured by JSC "Belinskselmash"

Production Closed Joint Stock Company "Belinskselmash" is realized with the use of government subsidies to agricultural producers according to Government Resolution №1432 from 27.12.2012


Seeding machines ALCOR are designed for continuous sowing of grain, leguminous and other crops in the traditional and minimal technologies of soil processing. Width of the seeding machine is 9.8 meters. Performance ALCOR 10 makes it an ideal instrument for farms with arable area from 2000 to 5000 ha.

Sowing the complex are supplied with plastic bins-model "9000" for a total volume 9630 l (5215 l + 4415 l).

Seeding machine ALCOR performs 5 operations in one pass:

- cultivation and 100% cropping weeds at a depth of seeding; 

- strip sowing with the seeding rate from 3 to 450 kg/ha and a swath width of planting 120-260 mm to a depth of from 30 to 120 mm; 

- introduction of sown rows of granular fertilizers regulation 25-200 kg/ha; 

- combing of cut weeds and their distribution evenly on the surface of the field; 

- crop compaction. 

When working with a sowing machine ALCOR at minimal technology eliminates the implementation of intermediate operations: plowing; presowing treatment. 

A system for drilling control HELIOS production NPF "MONAD" allows you to control the seeding of each VAS deferens from the tractor cab during planting.

The design of the bunker entered the box for the selection of seed material, which is mounted on the seed distributor when setting the seeding rate, which facilitates configuring the seeding rate in field conditions, eliminate spilling of seed. To set up enough for 1 person.

Developed a set of strugeling of earthing devices that are installed over the wheels, and in the process of sowing smooth the field surface, evenly distributing crop residues, which allows to achieve uniformity of germination throughout the entire width of the unit. 

Technology strip seeding with a bandwidth of 120-260 mm, ensures that each sprout is 3-4 times larger feeding area, reduces the harmful influence of mineral fertilizers on the initial stage of plant development. For seeding complex set of Lancet paws of own production, used to produce them bristia special steel, which increased the service life of the Lancet paws to 50%. Lancet paws working bodies allow sowing into stubble of grain crops with crop residue height up to 150 mm, provide continuous cutting of weeds, forming a compacted seedbed. The mutual overlap of the legs of the cultivator is 75 mm. the Packer device with rubber rollers provides excellent contact of the seeds with compacted wet the bed. This technology allows to increase the yield by 3-6 tons per hectare, and achieve a higher quality of grain and reduces costs in the production of agricultural products.

 For the daylight hours seed ALCOR 10 with the tractor 280-320 HP can qualitatively sow from 80 to 120 hectares.

The quality of steel. A new lightweight frame design. The use of high-strength pipe steels of European allows to reduce the weight of the frame construction while increasing its strength and stiffness, which leads to a reduction in fuel consumption.

Powder coating. In the production line of powder coating Ideal-line (Denmark). This technology of painting can produce a quality paint with a guarantee lasting up to 8 years.

Hardware high strength. The use of hardware with grade 8.8 provides the reliability and durability of operation.

Fuel consumption by the sowing seed ALCOR 10 with a tractor with a power of 320 HP – 7-8 l/ha.

Unit type semi-trailer
Performance 9 - 10 ha/hour
Operating speed 8 to 10 km / h
Transport speed 20 km / h
Coverage width 9,8 m
- In transport position 14970х5540х4050 mm
- In working position 14970х9830х3550 mm
Constructive weight 10230 kg
Power rod. class (not less than) 280 hp
Depth processing 30 - 120 mm