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The products manufactured by JSC "Belinskselmash"

Production Closed Joint Stock Company "Belinskselmash" is realized with the use of government subsidies to agricultural producers according to Government Resolution №1432 from 27.12.2012

Seeder ASTRA SZ-5,4

Seeders grain ASTRA are intended for ordinary crops:
 - grain crops (wheat, rye, barley, oats);
- leguminous crops (peas, beans, soybeans, lentils, beans, rank, chickpeas, lupins);
- small-seed crops (rape, mustard, flax). with the simultaneous application of mineral fertilizers and the packing of the soil in the sowed rows.

Construction features

The total volume of bunkers is 1488 liters.

SZ 5,4 - designed for ordinary sowing, equipped with dual-disk coulters and fingertips; The seeder is completed with various coulters and sets of embedding working bodies, due to which it can be converted from one version to another in the conditions of the farm ;

A single node design (“coulter and press roller”) allows you to adjust the coulter to a certain seed embedment with an interval of 1 cm. Maintaining the seed embedment parameter affects uniform germination, increased yield.

New lightweight frame design. The use of high-strength tubes of European steels reduces the weight of the frame structure while increasing its strength and rigidity, which leads to a reduction in fuel consumption.
An Ideal-line powder coating line (Denmark) is installed at the production site. This painting technology allows to produce high-quality paint and varnish coating with a warranty period of up to 8 years.

Hardware high strength. The use of hardware with a class of strength not lower than 8.8 ensures reliability and durability of operation.

The design of grain sowing machines was changed, which improved the passage of seeds in the throats of the machines, and as a result, increased the seeding rate of poorly flowing seeds of grain crops such as oats and barley. On ASTRA seeders installed bunker1 with the possibility of separate sleep of seeds and fertilizers, which eliminates the mixing of seeds in the bunker.
To improve the consumer properties of grain drills of the ASTRA family, the following design changes were made to the designs of the drills: - redesigned handle to adjust the depth of embedding seeds. This change prevents dust from clogging up the inner cavity of the handle and, as a result, prevents its jamming during transfer. - strengthened the design of the mechanism for fixing the depth of embedding of seeds. This change increased the wear resistance of the knob to adjust the depth, and as a result increases the service life of the unit.

The seeder is aggregated with tractors of 1,4 ts class. It is preferable to use on the fields of 40-70 ha. Due to the increase in the width of the grip, the productivity increases by 1.5 times in comparison with the base model of NW 3.6. The engine of the MTZ-80 tractor is loaded up to 85% of its power, which gives fuel savings of up to 20%. A two-seed machine with a hitch SP-10.8-01 increases productivity by 1.5-2 times. The hitch is aggregated with tractors of traction class 3 ts trailed way. It is completed with hydraulic markers controlled from the tractor cabin.


Unit type semi-trailer
Performance 4,9-6,5 ha / hour
Operating speed 5-10 km / h
Transport speed up to 20 km / h
Coverage width 5,4 m
- In working position - 8550х6180х1830 mm.
- In transport position - 6750х2950х2850 mm.
Constructive weight 3135 kg
Power rod. class (not less than) 80 hp