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The products manufactured by JSC "Belinskselmash"

Production Closed Joint Stock Company "Belinskselmash" is realized with the use of government subsidies to agricultural producers according to Government Resolution №1432 from 27.12.2012


PALLADA - a disc harrow is intended for resource-saving presowing tillage for sowing cereals, technical and fodder crops, destruction of weeds and chopping crop residues after harvesting sown crops, as well as chopping, leveling and compacting the soil after disking.

The harrows PALLADA is intended for use in environments with soil moisture up to 27%, and also on fields with large amount of crop residues.

Each disc harrow PALLADA is fixed on individual pole, which allows the harrow to work in the fields with lots of crop residues and weeds, eliminating the winding plant residues on the axis of the disk and clogging inter disc space and ensures high maintainability of the unit.
C of the third quarter of 2014 on all stand  boron  models  CHAIN set individual grease fittings that prevent the ingress of dust and dirt into the bushing mounting, which eliminates the possibility of jamming in the process of long-term operation and facilitates the configuration.

Fuel consumption PALLADA 4000 tractor with a capacity of 180 HP is 6.2 l/ha.

Strap adjustment of the angle of attack of the front row of discs on the harrow moved to the front of the frame. This upgrade significantly improved the permeability of the soil and crop residues between the disk and the frame, and eliminated the clogging harrows soil. 

The harrows PALLADA increased the distance between the rear row of discs and rollers with a minimum depth from 160 mm to 250 mm, this allows the harrow to work in high humidity (over 35%), the minimum depth of soil treatment without zabivanii.

Due to the peculiarities of the hub design extended service life from the rink 1000 ha and reduced time in Assembly service, as well as with the new hub design the cutting unit increased bearing service life by 60% and reduced maintenance time by 50%.

The quality of steel. New lightweight frame design. The use of high-strength pipes of European steels reduces the weight of frame construction with a simultaneous increase its strength and stiffness, which leads to a reduction in fuel consumption.

Powder coating. On the production line of powder coating Ideal-line (Denmark). This technology of painting can produce a quality paint with a guarantee lasting up to 8 years.

Hardware high strength. the Use of hardware with grade 8.8 provides the reliability and durability of operation.   

Unit type semi-trailer
Performance up to 4,4 ha / hour
Operating speed Up to 12 km / h
Transport speed Up to 20 km / h
Coverage width 4 m
The number of cutting units 30 pcs.
The distance between rows 950 mm
The diameter of the working bodies 560 mm
The distance between the blades 250 mm
- 4900х4110х1295 mm
Constructive weight 2130 kg
Power rod. class (not less than) 120 hp
Depth processing 120±20 mm.
The angle of attack drives 0° - 30°
Number of rows 2 pcs.