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The products manufactured by JSC "Belinskselmash"

Production Closed Joint Stock Company "Belinskselmash" is realized with the use of government subsidies to agricultural producers according to Government Resolution №1432 from 27.12.2012


Cultivator wide-cut universal designed for resource-saving presowing and steam cultivation of the soil, cutting and combing of weeds and also leveling and compaction of soil for sowing.

Cultivators are equipped with:

paws on the C-shaped rack with spring mechanisms (POLARIS 4, POLARIS 8,5, POLARIS 12)

or S-shaped rack (POLARIS 4S POLARIS 8,5 S, POLARIS 12S)

rollers for soil compaction;

the equalizers soil CPE 26.000.

The cultivation legs are installed in two rows. Elastic vibrating C-shaped rack with spring limiters in the process less clogged with soil and plant residues and reduce energy costs. When hitting an obstacle the leg may Vignobles from the soil due to the spring mechanism, and then return.

Wings harrow are formed by using the tractor's hydraulic system.

Cultivator used in soil-climatic zones with soil moisture in the range 8 to 27% and hardness of the soil in the treated layer is in the range 0.4-1.6 MPa. (4...16 kg/cm).

Cultivator provided with a hydraulic system (hydraulic cylinders, high pressure hose, chokes, and fittings).

The design provided for the use of harrow as carried. To do this, harrow remove snico and bracing.

The setting depth of stroke harrow is made by adjusting screws supporting wheels mounted on the wings and the adjusting screw on the frame of the machine.

Application in the cultivator equalizers and harrow provides the crumbling of soils with substantial predominance of small lumps up to 25 mm, smooth surface of the field and optimum density of the upper layer to the sowing depth.

Due to the peculiarities of the hub design extended service life from the rink 1000 ha and reduced time-to-service Assembly.

Quality. New lightweight frame design. The use of high-strength pipes of European steels reduces the weight of frame construction with a simultaneous increase its strength and stiffness, which leads to a reduction in fuel consumption.

Powder coating. On the production line of powder coating Ideal-line (Denmark). This technology of painting can produce a quality paint with a guarantee lasting up to 8 years.

Hardware high strength. the Use of hardware with grade 8.8 provides the reliability and durability of operation.

Unit type semi-trailer
Performance up to 10 hectare / hour
Operating speed up to 12 km / h
Transport speed up to 20 km / h
Coverage width 8,4 mm
The number of cutting units 31 pcs.
- 4470х8380х1480 mm.
Constructive weight 2467 kg.
Power rod. class (not less than) 150 hp
Depth processing From 60 mm to 120 mm
Quality indicators of technological cultivation process
Ground saltwater, not more 50 mm.
Lumps at least 0-25 mm. 85-100 %
Trimming weeds 100 %
Shredding residue 100 %